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Item Mall


Get twice the contents on the 10th opened box

Get one of the following items in random as you open this box.

ItemName QTY
Vibrant Essence 1
Radiant Essence 1
Advanced Trial Key 10
Assassin's Projectile Box 1
Atlas Ore 75
Atlas Ore [E] 75
Atlas Outfit Stone 50
Character Level Up Ticket (Mercenary Only) 1
EXP Concentration License (1 day) 3
EXP Concentration License (3 Hrs) 5
Extra Inventory License (Perm.) 1
Atlas Ore 125
Star Stone Pouch 10
Lucky Enhance Stone 20
Medici's Deluxe Box 35
Merc. Room License (Perm.) 2
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 75
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 75
Operation Orders 3
Radiant Essence Decoration Box 1
Morrighan Combat Search Bot License 1
Secret Vial of Potential [II] 30
Valkyrie Book Box [III] 1
Valhalla's Horn 1