How to fix invisible Voting Reward Box in Item Pickup

  • Jan. 12 2018

How to patch down the game.

1. Go to the Atlantica folder from your computer and then open the folder.


2. Then search and open "PatchInfo".

Atlantica > PatchInfo

3. Find Patch. (DAT File)

Atlantica > PatchInfo > Patch 

4. Open a Notepad.

5. Drag the Patch (DAT File) in your Notepad.

6. In your Notepad, you can see the content of the Patch (DAT file), search for "version".

7. Change our current version from 359450 to 359430. (When doing patch down, you can deduct 20 from our current version of the game).

8. Then "Save" and then close your Notepad.

9. Patch the game again. (Remember that  the game should patch).

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