New Mercenary: Fox Spirit Ninetails

  • Mar. 29 2018

Our winner from last year’s Mercenary design contest has been taken form in Atlantica Online!

Let’s welcome the mystical fox spirit, Ninetails!

The Ninetails is the leader of the Fox Spirit Clan. Due to her inability, her clan was corrupted and wiped out by the Oriharukon. Unable to bring herself to leave her people behind, she's looking for someone strong enough who could bring peace to the village she was so fond of and lay her clan to rest.

The Ninetails has abilities enhanced during the exposure to the Oriharukon. Foxfire that burns at the soul of her enemy and Posession when a desperate action is needed.

  • Mercenary Info


    • Type: Ranged Support

    • Recruitment: Fox Bead

    • Weapons: Whip

    • Skills:

      • Spiritual Focus - With intense spiritual focus, Ninetail's multiple hit rate and attack power is greatly increased. (Self-buff only)

      • Foxfire - An immense spirit assault that greatly reduce the targets defensive power and energy.

      • Soul Possession - Tap with the ally's dormant soul and exchange action power. The target's soul will be free from harmful conditions and status.

  • Image Resources

  • Item Mall

    • Foxbead (non-tradeable) and skill books are exclusively available in the item mall!

  • Contest rewards

    • Winners of the Mercenary Design contest

      • MidnightWalk (Thebes) - 20,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set

      • LeEvilOne  (Alexandria) - 10,000 Gcoins + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set

  • Upcoming events

    • Get your pencils, brushes or tablets ready because we will have another art contest for the new mercenary! We will be announcing the theme soon!

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