Patch Notes - May 31, 2017

  • Jun. 07 2018

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today May 31, 2018!

Please refer to the details below.

▷ Update Details

- Client Frame setting updated

: You can set the frame on System >> Settings >> Graphics.

- Log-in wallpaper updated

: The wallpaper is updated to Ninetail from Arthur.

- Fishing event ended

: [Event] Spring Token deleted.

: [Event] Spring Stamp deleted.

- Warehouse is updated

: You can use extra Warehouse.

: You can purchase Warehouse Scroll on ItemMall page.

- Workload Buff

: Workload Buff can be accumulated.

- Tania Soul Fortitude(Automatic Battle) revised.

Before: The skill only works when ally in Debuffs.

After: The skill will trigger at a certain rate

Thank you!

VALOFE Atlantica Team 

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