• Aug. 31 2018


Greetings, Atlantians!

                The call has been answered. Eight warriors have been chosen to battle out and prove who is worthy to be called LEAGUE CHAMPION!

Server: Titan

Date of competition: September 4

Start Time: 20:00 CET

Official stream link:



  • Apryori

  • Drakengard

  • Epidemie

  • Hitchzen

  • LordThanatos


  • Thays

  • Liebste

  • Stiroid

-Tournament Restriction-

With the community’s vote, the following mercenaries are not allowed to be used during this tournament:

  • Lich

  • Dark King Arthur



Consolation Prize:

  • Title: Summer League Challenger

  • Atlas Ore x500

  • Limited Premium Package x3

  • Character Levelup Ticket (Mercenary Only) x3

  • WHITE Package x1

3rd Place:

  • Title: Summer League Challenger

  • 2,500 GC

  • Atlas Ore x1,000

  • Limited Premium Package x5

  • Character Levelup Ticket (Mercenary Only) x5

  • Abyssal Weapon Box (+7) x1

  • WHITE Package x2

2nd Place:

  • Title: Summer League Challenger

  • 5,000 GC

  • Atlas Ore x2,500

  • Limited Premium Package x10

  • Character Levelup Ticket (Mercenary Only) x10

  • Abyssal Weapon Box (+10) x1

  • WHITE Package x3


  • Title: Summer League Champion

  • 10,000 GC

  • Atlas Ore x5,000

  • Limited Premium Package x20

  • Character Levelup Ticket (Mercenary Only) x20

  • WHITE Package x4

  • Abyysal Weapon Box (L) x1

All Participants will receive the following:

  • Neo Archangel Set

  • Radiant Gold Dragon

Who amongst these warriors will rise against adversity and will reign as our first Tournament Champion!

Good luck to all and may the gods smile upon you.



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