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Important Public Service Announcement - August 10, 2020

  • Aug. 10 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

We have received reports from players that there are players who are impersonating other players of a guild and are using this as a method of scamming players.

In order to maintain a fun and safe environement for everyone, in accordance to the Terms of Agreement, Impersonation of another player is a serious offense and players caught doing so will be penalized accordingly.

Always double-check and think twice about opening an email or clicking a link, make sure that the one that you are checking is from a legit guild member or player within the community.

Please be aware that Guild Leader is required to be at least Level 100, the required level for creating a guild, and any player lower than the requirement and claiming to be Guild Leader must be dealt with caution.

If you spot players who are impersonating a player, especially Guild Leaders, please kindly have them reported.

Rest assured that our team is working hard on tracking such impersonators.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay alert.



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