Welcome September Event!

  • Sep. 04 2017


September’s knocking on the door and we’re all left wondering how time went by so fast. Christmas songs are already playing in public areas and people are all thinking of costumes to wear for Halloween. Not only are we welcoming September by acknowledging it here in Atlantica, but we’re also giving away the following events all throughout the first weekend of September.

• Increased EXP +100%

• Increased Crafting EXP +50%

• Increased Attack and Defense +5%

• Item Giveaway

Summer’s over and Fall’s settling in real quick but no one’s going to get left behind in Atlantica. So make sure you’re online in the next following days to get that sweet increase in EXP, Attack, and Defense.

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

VALOFE Operations team


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