November 2 Update - Patch Notes

  • Nov. 02 2017

[November 2, 2017 Update]

PATCH NOTES 11/2 2017


▷ Update

- Server Refresh

- Some translation has been changed.

: (FR Only) Roulette Window for ‘[EVENT] Returned Valentine's Pumpkin’

- Armor Fist Weapons added

: The [Armor fist] that can be equipped in the Gloves slot has been changed to weapon slot. 

: All Fist type mercenary can equip [Armor fist] weapons. 

: Armor fist item's quality will not be changed.

: Armor fist crafting not yet available.  

▷ Bug fix

- Market Error :
An error was occurred while buying in the market.

: This bug has been fixed.

- Collection Point Message 

: The message [You received Collection Points.] no longer appears. 

* By adding mounts, decorations, and clothes to the Encyclopedia. You may receive AT Mileage. 

- Chat emoticon

: (FR Only) [Headbutt] emoticon command [#choc] was same as [Shocked].

: This command has been changed to [#coup]

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