Star Stone Phenomenon!

  • Dec. 07 2017


Mystical Stones have fallen to the land of Atlantis! They say that these stones grants power to their wielder!

These stones has scattered on the hands of monsters everywhere! Will you be able to get them and uphold the power within the Star stones?



- Event Duration : November 9 to November 23 2017

: After MA of December 7 ~ Before MA of December 28 (Return Event)

- Event Mechanics : Hunt monsters over level 80 for a chance to get Star Stones [I].

- Star Stone List :

1. Blue Wolf [I]

2. Red Ox [I]

3. Gold Ram [I]

4. White Whale [I]

5. Black Shark [I]

6. Blue Scorpion [I]

7. Red Fox [I]

8. Gold Eagle [I]

9. White Monkey [I]

10. Black Cat [I]


- How to use Star Stones?

⋆Starstones are mystical stones that enhances the equipment that they are embedded on.

⋆One Star stone can be placed per socket on the equipment.

⋆On the equipment that contains a starstone, the enhanced ability will appear as a collective total.

⋆Each starstone has a unique ability

⋆The ability of the star stones applies individually.

⋆During PVP, Starstone abilities are reduced by 90%.

- Creating Slots

⋆All equipment will have a chance of getting 1-3 sockets.

⋆For accessories, only 1 socket is granted.

⋆Sealed items, costumes, mounts and decorations are not allowed to be socketed.

- Reset slots

⋆The process requires socketed items, the current sockets, including the registered starstones, will be removed.

⋆The required Atlas Restorationo or for reset depends on the equipment's level.

- Registering Stones

⋆Starstones can only be placed on a socketed equipment.

⋆Registered Starstones can't be removed after slotting.

⋆You can register Starstones on either an empty or occupied sockets.

- Fusing

⋆Starstone Fusion requires 3-5 star stones, you can generate 1 random starstone.

⋆You can check the "Expected Starstone Rank before fusing.

⋆Depending on the starstone rank, the fusion cost changes.

⋆If the Starstones does not appear on your Starstone bag, it will be sent to your mailbox instead.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends, townies, guildies and nation mates and start collection those precious stones before the event ends!

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

VALOFE Operations Team

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