Patch Notes - August 2, 2018

  • Aug. 02 2018

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today August 2, 2018!

Please refer to the details below.

▷ Update Details

- Server Refresh

▷ Update Details

- August Daily Exploration and new player's Helper Box updated.

▷ Jackpot Challenge Update

- Dragon God and Evil Equipment box are now included to jackpot challenge

▷ Arena NPC

- Has been properly returned to its position


- [NEW] The return of Dark Crystal Weapons

: Dark invaders have been spotted in Atlantica, get stones and trade for Dark Crystal weapons!

: New Dark Crystal Fist and Dark Crystal Orb are now obtainable within the event!

: More items added to Merchant Acong

- World Cup 2018 Event 

: Event NPC returned and will remain until August 16th

- Freedom Park Event Extended!

: Event has been extended for one more week.


- Free Dark Crystal Weapon Box

: Each account can purchase a box for free, once per day.

Thank you!

VALOFE Atlantica Team 

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