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Patch Notes - July 25, 2019 [New Noble Costume and New Decoration]

  • Aug. 08 2019


Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today July 25, 2019!

Please refer to the details below

▷ Update Details

- Server Refresh

▷ Event

- Freedom Park!

: Decorations and Mounts obtained from this event can now be upgraded with Freedom Flyers!

: Right-click the item to upgrade the event mount or decoration.

- Atlantica Day (July 27-28)

: Settings have been applied for this weekend! Enjoy Atlantica Day!

- Atlantica Day Sale!

: Enjoy awesome deals from July 25 to August 1!

▷ Item Mall

- Noble Aristocrat Costume and Decoration

: A new exclusive set has been discovered, be the person who can wield the swords of legend!

: Puzzle Pieces can be purchased from the Item Mall

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