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Black Friday Sale!

  • Nov. 24 2017

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, Atlantica Online has come up of a great list of affordable loots this coming Black Friday Sale from 24th to 26th of November! Hurry and don’t miss this chance get limited edition items and bundles!


1. Ancient Minotaur Outfit Box 4+1

2. Ancient Minotaur Decoration Box 7+3

3. Atlas Ore x500 +75

4. Atlas Ore x1000 +150

5. Atlas Ore [E] x500 +75

6. Atlas Ore [E] x1000 +150

7. Ancient Minotaur Card 7+3

8. Tania Gold Package

9. Twilight Wind Random Box (No Trade)

10. Incarnation of Archangel Card 7+3

11. Archangel Wings Decoration Box 7+3

12. Archangel Outfit Box 4+1

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Atlantica Support Team

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