• Aug. 07 2018

Do you have the skills to become a champion?

Challenge other players in the titan server and become the TITAN CHAMPION!

Event Dates

August 12, 19 2018


1.  Participate on the free league to raise your competition rank

2.  Be eligible to join the Titan Grand Championship (Competition Rank 8 or above)

3.  The Champion and the runner up will get additional rewards.


Champion (1st place)

Atlas Ore x1000

White Package 30D

Star Stone Pouch x20

Scroll of Dragon's Lair x5

Runner-up (2nd place)

Atlas Ore x500

Star Stone Pouch x10

Scroll of Dragon's Lair x3

Remaining Participants (Rank 3-8) will get Atlas Ore x100 each!

Come and test your mettle! Prove your worth during these weekends!

Good luck Atlantians!

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