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Spooky Halloween Ghost Town!

  • Oct. 24 2019

Trick or Treat Atlantians!!

The portal to Halloween Ghost Town is now open for all!

Are you afraid of ghosts? If not, come and explore the town full of treasures. Ready your inventory slot and let’s rob some accessories from the land of the dead.


You can acquire 1 Ghost Bride’s Invitation (NoTrade) by staying online for 1 hour. The duration of the ticket would be 30 mins.

You can use the Ghost Bride’s Invitation (NoTrade) to explore the Spooky Ghost Town.

How to find the Spooky Ghost Town? You can use the icon on the upper left side of your screen.

You can accept several Quests from Runaway Pumpkin for additional rewards.Once you complete all the quests, you will get 5x Pumpkin Ticket, 2x Misty Graveyard Key, 1x Ghost Bride Invitation (Event) and 1 Pumpkin Puzzle Piece.

You will exchange 5x Pumpkin Tickets for a Pumpkin Puzzle Piece at the end of the quest.

Note, all quests can only be taken once per day.

Exchange Pumpkin Bombs for 1 Pumpkin Accessories. You can acquire Pumpkin Tickets from Runaway Pumpkin NPC. You can also exchange Atlas Ores for Pumpkin Puzzle Piece and Spooky Pumpkin Piece from the Halloween Specter. Pumpkin Puzzle Piece contains Halloween accessories and Spooky Puzzle piece.Limit of exchange 1 per day.

Spooky Puzzle Piece can acquired from Pumpkin Puzzle Piece. You can also exchange 100 Atlas Ores for 1 Spooky Puzzle Piece from Halloween Specter NPC Exchange.Limit of exchange 1 per day.


You need to kill the boss monster Elizabeth’s Phantom from Misty Graveyard. You will get awesome rewards from the boss monster. NOTE: You need a Misty Graveyard Key to access the map for the boss field.

How to get a Misty Graveyard Key? Just exchange 1000 Pumpkin bomb to Halloween Specter NPC Exchange.Upgrade System for Halloween Accessories

• You will need 2000 Pumpkin Bombs (You can get them from killing monster from Spooky Ghost Town).

• Go to Halloween Specter NPC Exchange and buy an Accessory Upgrade Ticket for 1000 Pumpkin Bomb.

• You need 1 Accessory Upgrade Ticket to upgrade Halloween Accessory to Spooky Halloween Accessory.

Spooky accessories can only be enchanted with enchant stones.

Spooky accessories cannot be enhanced with Atlas Ore or Atlas Ore E.

Spooky accessories cannot be enhanced with enchance stones.

Limit enhancement for spooky accessory is up to +4.

Preview of +4 Spooky Halloween Accessories.Random Event Boxes

Try your luck and get some amazing rewards from ACA Event Lucky Box l and Halloween Pumpkin Bomb Lucky Box.

How to get the random boxes? Go to Halloween Specter NPC Exchange and trade your 500 Pumpkin Bomb for ACA Event Lucky Box l or Halloween Pumpkin Bomb Lucky Box for 200 Pumpkin Bomb.



Halloween Specter NPC Reward Preview

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