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Fatal Scriptures Event!

  • Apr. 02 2019

F ate is something no one should be intervening with. According to ancient atlantian records, there are supernatural beings that are depicted as the arbiters of life and death across the surface. 

These beings have the roles of protecting the balance and guiding the land dwellers to their righteous path.

O* n this day, as humans tasted authority, kings and their followers threaten the balance of life by applying death with their own hands. 

Killing for reasons like hatred, envy or merely just for entertainment.

O ver the heavens, the gods wanted to intervene to resolve this discord by ordering them to resolve this with more death, however the arbiters still question their decision.

“*L* ife is fragile, if they destroy themselves, it’s wrong. But if we, the arbiters, destroy them, it is correct?”

So, with a heavy soul, the arbiters stepped into the surface to grant death wishes from the people, but it comes with a price.

Event Duration 2nd of April, 0:01 to 23:59 CET

Event Mechanics

1. Arbiters(GMs) will spawn randomly on any town without a global announcement

2. As proof, these GMs have the “vGM” logo on their names

3. Players will not be able to send this GM, however, the first person who interacts with the GM will be asked a question.

4. The player will be asked the following: Name of target, Payment

5. The GMs will finally decide on how the target player will be killed depending on the payment

6. Once the contract is done, the act will be announced globally

7. In compensation for the targeted player, He will receive half of the payment, together with the title: “Death by Contract”

8. Targeted players will have the choice to return the favor by signing on a contract, and the loop of death continues.

Target Rewards

1. Half of the contract’s payment

2. Title: Death by Contract (ATK -50% DEF-50% EXP+100% WORKLOAD+100%)


A. All payments can’t be refunded

B. GMs will have the right to deny requests depending on payment and reason

C. Any forms of profanity against the GMs during this event may result to account suspension

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