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[EVENT] Spring Blossom Event

  • May. 09 2019

Let's celebrate the season of spring with the new event Spring Blossom Festival. 

Rescue the frozen acong and acquire a Spring Token to exchange for awesome rewards. 

There is a chance to encounter the Cherry Blossom Sapling in-game, hunt it and exchange the Cherry Blossom Seeds for extra rewards. 

Duration: May 09, 2019 - June 06, 2019


  • FIghting monsters has a random chance to encounter the Event Monsters.

    Event Monster: Acong in Ice

    Event Monster: Potted Cherry Blossom

  • Players has a chance to acquire event drops 1~5 pcs. killing event monsters.

    Event Drop: Ice Crystal Tear (Frozen Acong)

    Event Drop: Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Potted Cherry Blossom)

  • Exchange the event items in NPC Spring Gardener in Rome.

    Event NPC: Spring Gardener

Event Rewards:


Event Sales:

Premium WHITE Package -50% Off!

Phoenix Card 7+3 -17% Off! 

Phoenix's Spark 10 + 1

Login into the world of Atlantica and enjoy the festival of spring!


Atlantica Team

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