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'Do you believe in Fate?'
deco Introduction to Merlin deco
Merlin, the advisor of the King of Britain, Arthur Pendrago
Uses Staff and Orb. Merlin’s magic, shows the dignity of the great wizard
with neutralizing enemy’s spell and protecting allies

Merlin's Normal Attack Range

Merlin's skill Guide

Camelot’s Grimoire
Skill Guide
Wake up allies from stun status and prevents them from being stunned
by reducing their combo count.
상대 진영1 Opponent camp1 Enemy Base 아군 진영1 My Camp1 Ally Base
Gwendolen’s Touch
Skill Guide
Recovers HP and add action power when used on allies.
Remove all buff and debuff effects when used to enemy formation.
Enemy Base2 Opponent camp2 Enemy Base Ally Base2 My Camp2 Ally Base
Mystic Rune
Skill Guide
Apply strong damage to enemies and seal their physical attacks.
Enemy Base3 Opponent camp3 Enemy Base Ally Base3 My Camp3 Ally Base
Omniscient Sanctuary
Skill Guide
Protects allies from all kinds of magic.
Recover allies HP and increases their debuff and accuracy every turn.
Enemy Base4 Opponent camp4 Enemy Base Ally Base4 My Camp4 Ally Base
Camelot’s Grimoire Camelot’s Grimoire Awake allies from stun status and prevent allies from the stun status
by reducing the being-attacked counts from consecutive attack.
Gwendolen’s Touch Gwendolen’s Touch This skill recover allies’ HP of row line and add action point when the skill used for allies.
This skill will release buff and debuff effect of enemy’s on the row line.
Mystic Rune Mystic Rune Apply strong damage to enemies and seal physical attack of the enemies. Omniscient Sanctuary Omniscient Sanctuary Call from the fate will embrace allies and protect them from all kinds of magic.
It release allies’ debuff, increase accuracy rate and recover allies’ HP every turn.

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